If you create high quality .edu sites back links for your website then chances of getting your keywords rank will be higher. It is proven that it is one of the fastest ways to improve your website ranking.

Apart from keyword ranking, .edu back links are powerful back links because,

1) They are the high domain authority sites with top page authority
2) Spam score of .edu sites are deficient compared to other sites
3) Last but not least, Google loves .edu sites as it gives first preference to .edu sites

Now, you must be wondering how ONE can get/create back links for .edu sites. No worries, here are some of the strategies you can implement while doing SEO, especially when you wanted to get/ create .edu sites back links.

Before diving into it, let me tell you about some tools you can use to get back links for .edu sites.

1) Semrush
2) Ahrefs
3) Moz
4) Ubersuggest

You can use the tools mentioned above when you do competitor analysis for .edu sites as well as it will help you to find potential education blogs, forums, etc.

Let me start with the tips on how to get back links for .edu sites.

1) On a very fundamental basis, you will need a good and knowledgeable content writer who can help you with writing rich and high-quality educational content. Content should be helpful for the students so that they can apply in their studies.

2) After that, you can connect with professors who have .edu sites or pages to post your content and link back to your page/website.

3) You can work with university bloggers and inquire about guest posting and can ask them to link the content with your website.

4) You can meet with many universities and ask their students who write blogs on the college’s website on different topics related to education. You can pay those students and ask them to create a blog or article on their website by linking your website in it. For example, you can visit craigslist and post about searching students who can help to get .edu sites. In most cases, students who write on their college websites understand this, and you are all ready to rock.

5) You should hire someone in your marketing department who can create high-quality comments in the .edu site comment sections.

6) The hired person must look for the websites which give do-follow back links as well as have page rank in “Education sites.” It means he must look for the guest posting websites which can be found out using the tools mentioned above by doing competitor analysis.

7) If you can post an event with the .edu and your domain with the same content, it will give more power to back links.

8) Create scholarships and promote it with linking your website will make it more effective.

9) Moreover, you can provide discounts to staff or students of a particular institution if they visit the website.

10) One of the primary sources to get .edu sites back links is to contact college websites, which are not that much updated as they can’t update it sometimes. Well, you can reach out to them and ask them to get the pages of their website, which may contain outdated links or broken links on .edu pages.

This is possible if you have a chrome extension called “Check my links”, You can install this particular extension and reach over to the .edu site or page. Once you are there open this tool and you will be able to see or determine which all pages have broken links. and then you can start working on it with the replacement.

This is one of the most favorite activities of any SEO person who is looking to get back links for .edu sites.

11) Another way is to look for the resource pages which have a list of excellent back links related to a different topic of the website. It could be an interest of students, teachers, professors, researchers, and many more.


Hope you love this post and try to implement these tips or say strategies in your SEO activity for ranking your website or keywords. Many big firms and start-up use .edu sites for getting back links for their website in order to rank their keywords.