How to Get Backlinks (White Hat) For a Website?

How to Get Backlinks (White Hat) For a Website?


It’s better to get white-hat back links for your website instead of doing black hat activity and get your website ranked for a particular period. If you wish to have your website ranked organically for a more extended period, white hate activity would be a better option, and even Google loves it. So, let me help you with some white hat activity hacks to get back links for a website.

1) Internal linking

One of the essential white activities for getting back links is to do internal linking. It allows users to navigate a website from one page of a domain to a different page of a domain.

2) Guest posting

Guest posting refers to a blog/article submission to a high DA, PA website, which gives a powerful signal to Google for crawling your page from a different domain.

3) Quora- Question & Answer activity

Quora is a platform where all questions related to your business can be answered. It gives an idea to customers if they have any queries regarding your product or service. many businesses are using Quora for creating No-follow back links

4) Local Business listing

Many businesses are registering their products/services on different business listing websites, which can give them the local store. Apart from local business listing, you can log on various business listing websites that can provide you international inquiry about your product/service.

5) Business directories

Business directories are a lookalike form of the local business listing for giving product/service description and other information too.

6) Classified submission

Classified submission can help you generate back links for your website. In classified submission websites, you can post an ad of your product/service and can let customers know about your customers simultaneously.

7) Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites can help you to generate white hate back links, which ultimately consist of your product/service description and other information too.

8) Image submission

Image submission sites allow you to post images of your product/services on their website with the help of generating back links in the form of the anchor image.

9) Profile creation/Blog or profile commenting

Another white activity/hack for generating back links is to create a profile for your business. Add all the information about your business into it. Moreover, you can go for visibility as well as blog commenting, which gives you back links for your website and social signal to Google.

10) PDF/Doc submission

PDF/Doc submission websites give you a chance for businesses to provide an idea about their product/services in detail with a PDF/DOC available to their customers. Additionally, it also provides an excellent social signal to Google for the best white hat back link.

11) Video Submission and Marketing

For having white hate back links, Video submission websites are the best if you have videos of your business. It gives a direct message to your customers via videos and good white hate back links to your website as well. Apart from video submission one should promote those videos as well in order to make sense to the customers about brand awareness as well.

12) Info graphic submission/PPT submission

PPT or Info graphic presentation is trending because it is in the form of a vector image but with different avatars, which ultimately gives a fair idea to customers. One can create anchor text for the keyword they want to rank for their website.

13) Web 2.0 activities

Web 2 point zero websites are the best as those are the best platforms one can start promoting their business via blog or article. “Medium” is the best example of web 2 point zero for blog/article submission which ultimately gives Do follow back link and white hat back link for your website.

14) Start posting blogs on their website

One of the significant white activities one should not ignore as it gives a good reputation of a website in generating back links. You should be posting blogs on your website as it becomes helpful to customers, as well as Google consider as powerful back links if displayed on your site.

15) Blog marketing and promotion on different social media platforms

Blogs/articles which have been written on your website or different platforms should be promoted to various social media such as Face book, Twitter, Reedit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. as it helps you to get more traffic and relevant traffic to your website. Additionally, it gives a perfect social signal to Google for back link creation of website.


Above mentioned tips and hacks can get you more number of back links for your website . Hope you implement these strategies to get white-hat back links and impress Google to get your keyword ranked.